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What to do with an External Hard Drive

April 3, 2010

1. Use it as a backup file destination. It’s cheap, very fast, and portable even between Macs and Windows PCs. No more wasting money and time burning CDs and DVDs! Check out a backup tool for file synchronization or an imaging solution.

2. Put your virtual machines on it. Absolutely nice. You can take your VMs to work and hook them up there. Gone are the days where you had to stick to corporate policies 😉

3. Use it for TB file sharing. Meet your friends and bring your USB drives. Share an entire movie collection in a small 2.5″ gadget. How efficient! Run a virus scan, though, when you plug in that friend’s drive 😉

4. Install and run Windows from USB directly if your PC supports boot from USB in its BIOS.

5. Mail it: you have some friends abroad or far away that need some of your stuff (photos, CDs, etc.) Put the drive in a USPS flat rate box and ship it! It’s much faster, cheaper, and safer than downloading.

6. Archive your stuff on it. Don’t forget that the data won’t last for more than 3 years on it without being re-written!!!

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